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An Alternative to Job Recruiters?

Over the years I have interviewed a reasonable number of technical people for jobs. Some came from agencies, some directly, some recommended. ALL were interviewed, by us, in exactly the same way.

I still receive a regular flow of emails from recruiters asking if I would consider a candidate or if I would consider myself for a vacancy they are handling. Even though I’m not looking for either at the moment I still try to respond to all emails out of courtesy. One of the huge omissions from this system is the name of the company that’s hiring. Now, I understand why the recruiters do this; they don’t want me to go directly to the company because they’d lose their commission. But, in an era where the biggest deal-maker or -breaker of any job is the company and its culture, this information cannot be left out.

So, enter I’m quite sure that this isn’t the only site of its kind, but it’s the one that came to my notice today. It cuts out the middleman and lists the job description AND the company. Nice. The only thing I think is still missing is salary; or at least salary range. Whilst I agree that company and culture are critical, so is being able to pay your mortgage! Maybe, as an industry, we’re not quite ready to be that open about salaries yet, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

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